Bicycle Tour Network
November 05, 2014

sandiego200.jpgThe four-day-long National Bicycle Tourism Conference kicked off in San Diego on Wednesday, Nov. 5, with conference organizers hoping to highlight the region as an increasingly bike-friendly locale for residents and visitors alike. This is the first in the conference’s 25 years of operation that San Diego was selected to host.

December 19, 2014

goba_140.jpgThe expected 2,500 riders will start gathering for the tour on June 20 at the Van Wert County Fairgrounds. They will begin cycling on June 20 covering an average of 50 miles per day and will overnight in Bluffton on June 21, Defiance on June 22 and 23, Bowling Green on June 24 and 25, Ottawa on June 26 and will return to Van Wert on June 27.